From Grandpa, my parents spent all of my college fund, but Karma corrected them.

This money was kept in my parents’ account until I turned eighteen. But as the years passed, my pessimism took front stage. My parents steered me away with other activities and made bogus promises, avoiding addressing my inquiries about my grandfather’s legacy.
Their refusal to discuss the problem only made me more nervous and disturbed. With every day that passed, ebbing away from me like grains of sand, the notion of attending college and pursuing my passion of flying felt further and more distant.
When I finally reached 19, I was eager and full of expectation for the next chapter of my life; nevertheless, a startling insight shattered my hopes to pieces. Entering my account, I excitedly expected the financial stability that would allow me to pursue my college education.
To my dismay, however, my once-rich account showed no penny at all. When I asked my parents to clarify this incredible betrayal, I was shocked and confused. Their response left me spinning with shock; it was a hard pill to chew, a tale of avarice, favoritism, and selfishness.
It discovered that they had spent all of my education funds to help my brother, who was heavily indebted and had haphazardly squandered his own money on an opulent vehicle and lifestyle. As the truth came to me, I went through a range of intense feelings including resentment, disgust, and a great sense of betrayal.
“With my college money, you rescued him from ruin? I snared, my voice vibrating with a combination of contempt and fury. “You handed it to him like it was nothing, after all the aspirations I put into that money and all I sacrificed?”
My parents looked regretfully at one other, their expressions contorted into a tortuous mix of sorrow and shame. Desperate, my mother said, “We thought we were doing what was best for the family.” “We could not stand by while your brother suffered; he needed help.”
“Are you truly serious?” I snapped with words full of venom. “His mistakes caused you to sacrifice my future? How would you expose me to this?
Tears started to flood my eyes as the depth of their betrayal overtook me and left me feeling lost and alone in a sea of uncertainty and misery. Once brilliant inside me, my dreams had collapsed at my feet due to the selfishness and neglect of my parents.
And what about my dreams? I demanded, speaking from a great emotional level. And what about the life I had hoped for myself? Was it even anything you considered vital?
My parents said nothing, embarrassed as they were. It was a biting admission of guilt that exposed a lot about their ill-informed priorities and merciless contempt of my hopes and aspirations. Note that I am the only female in my family.
How could my own parents choose my brother’s extravagant way of life over my own aspirations? Though the decision to spend the remaining money on a huge house, a symbol of their own pompous aims and self-centered needs, gave the fatal blow.
It was both a knife to the heart and a sobering reminder of where their actual allegiances rested. That very second the façade of love and family support slipped away, leaving a gulf of suspicion and treachery in its wake. Taking this medicine proved challenging!
As I turned and left the room, my parents were left to handle the consequences from my conduct. Then and then, I vowed not to pardon them for the treachery they had committed to me.
I couldn’t face them, couldn’t bear to stare into their eyes and see the treachery that had split our family’s oneness back mirrored. Since my brother was caught in the crossfire of our parents’ ill-considered actions, he became the object of my anger and resentment.
Though I knew he had good intentions, the fact he had taken the pilfers caused turmoil in my soul.